Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kindred Stitches Magazine for just 99c

Something extra special and exciting for you today!
For months and month Janice, a good friend of mine and I have been
secretly working on a brand new project and now it is finally ready for you to enjoy.
It is an interactive craft magazine called Kindred Stitches Magazine
which has been designed specifically for the Apple Newsstand.

check it out today
It’s no secret that our home is our haven, and many of us love to decorate with
handmade items that say something about who we are and what we love.
Kindred Stitches Magazine is all about helping you do just that.
Our aim is to share with you homewares, sewing supplies and original
craft projects from all around the world.
We take all the hard work out of researching online.
With just one click you will be able to explore endless possibilities.

Each issue contains 5 or more original projects to make with easy step by step instructions, handy hints, progress photos and video demonstrations of techniques. A craft designer is showcased each issue and we share all the latest in books, home d├ęcor and hard to find craft materials. Hassle free shopping and loads of fun is at your fingertips. If you are passionate about sewing, hand embroidery, crochet, knitting or
patchwork and quilting you will love this magazine.

Download today for just 99c and be inspired to make and create for your home.
And be sure to tell your friends as well.


Anonymous said...

Will you making it available for Androids too?

Artastics said...

Congratulations! A great motivational application. Thank you for this new opportunity.

Trudy Perilli said...

I would love to buy this magazine but I have a Samsung galaxy note tablet. Is there any way or is there any hope that you will be making that available to me in the near future?

Estelle said...

Just downloaded the magazine and I love it. I tried to add some feedback via the link at the end of the magazine but it failed to connect. I hope it's OK to post some suggestions here?
For future projects, I would love to see vintage or retro or Victorian themed items. Bags, pincushions, table mats/centers cushions would all be welcome projects.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I only have a laptop, don't use a mobile phone and certainly can't afford any Apple products. Any chance that we could download it to our laptops for those who don't believe in the Apple hype or have achieved mobile technology as I'd love to see it.
Kernow Q

Glenna Williams said...

I would love to read and do your projects on my android tablet but I don't have and probably never will have a apple tablet, they are just to expensive for me. I hope it does well for you and that one day you will make it in android tablets. Congratulation on you venture.

Roxane said...

I am truly amazed at how you fit this into your already busy life but I wish you every success and hope that many more people are able to access your creative talents through this application.

Peg said...

What about kindle? No IPad or IPhone.

Literarysnob said...

Will your magazine be available just plain "online"? For those of us who are not so up-to-date on the electronics.

Jacq said...

Would love to purchase but no one of your previous comments contributors asks.....any chance you can pdf for non-Macs?

Barbara herring said...

Don't do Apple. Will this be available for Nook Readers? Have a Nook HD that I am addicted to! Love your emails and would love to have your mag.
Barbara Herring

Janene said...

Don't have I pad or phone will you be making this pdf I certainly hope so Janene

Juliecook said...

There are lots of comments on your new venture, but unfortunately I am unable to read the answers you gave. I have a Kindle, and a pc. (Am saving up for a really good iPad). Will it be possible for me to read your magazines on what I have at the moment?

Calicolaine said...

Congrats on your new application and goodluck, this app might be useful to me since I just started into this kind of craft.



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