Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Australian Sewing and Craft Magazine - Kindred Stitches

Australian Sewing and Craft Magazine Kindred Stitches

Have you discovered Kindred Stitches Magazine yet? An Australian digital sewing and craft magazine brimming with original projects to make, demonstration videos, one click shopping for hard to find supplies, and so much more. Keep reading...

The start of a new year is always such an exciting time as we contemplate new year resolutions and the start of new projects to make. To help you along with your planning, we have a beautiful new issue of Kindred Stitches Magazine all about creating some magic in your life.

Nothing fires the imagination as much as the world of legends and ancient myths, of fairies, elves, mermaids and dragons, especially in children. Unfortunately, for most of us, this enchanting world is put aside as we enter adulthood. Reviving the ‘spirit’ of childhood can often bring the joy and the wonder of life itself.

It was this very notion that captivated us to conceive a Magical and Mystical issue. To sprinkle some fairy dust and create an issue that would encourage you to create your own magic, whatever that may be. Take a few minutes to view some of the projects included.

We all need a little magic in our lives, and we hope that sharing these sewing and craft projects will inspire you to make and create, just because it really is magic.

Click the link here, then scroll down to see the issue summary and page previews. Then select your reader platform whether that is Ipad, Tablet or computer, we have it covered. Kindred Stitches is an exciting new Australian sewing and craft magazine. Download and enjoy today!

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