Thursday, April 26, 2007

Free hand applique designs

I just love hand applique. It's a fantastic technique for decorating quilts, wall hangings, clothing or children's items. I remember making fabric back packs one Christmas for my three children. Each back pack was hand appliqued and personalized for each child. The kids adored them. They would proudly grab their backpacks when having a sleep over with their Grandparents. And even though they are now older and have outgrown them, they still have them tucked away in their bedrooms.
Making a child's pre school bag or library bag can also be a fun thing to do with applique. Although finding a suitable applique pattern can sometimes be difficult. The team at Stitching Cow are in the process of putting together some brand new designs just perfect for your applique needs. They should be ready soon so keep a look out on the website:
For some free hand applique designs perfect for children simply click here
Hope you and the kids enjoy them.
Happy appliqueing!

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