Saturday, April 14, 2007

Need more fabric for a quilt?

As a fellow patchworker and quilter I understand all too well the anxiety involved with running short of fabric. Searching high and low for the right fabric can be difficult. Although that's all about to change with more and more fabric retailers advertising online. The Internet has connected the quilting community in an amazing way. It is now possible to locate whatever style of quilting fabric that you are looking for. Most sites include colour pictures of the fabrics on offer and will list the fabric according to manufacturer eg Moda or category eg florals. What a wonderful resource for anxious quilters who have just discovered they are 20cm short of quilting fabric for their newest quilt. The only slight disadvantage is the wait for the postman to arrive!

Hope you locate what you are looking for.

Happy quilting!

Warmly Lenna

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