Monday, April 30, 2007

Quilting frames and supplies

With Mother's day fast approaching don't you deserve some new craft supplies or maybe a new quilting frame or even a new sewing machine? A quality craft person is only as good as their tools. Isn't this the truth?
Whilst cutting with a very blunt rotary cutter the other day I realized that a new blade was in order. And then I took a look at my cutting mat and realized that it is starting to look very worn out. No wonder my cutting has not been as accurate lately?!!!!
I really am low on threads and my needles are all blunt. I can never find my sewing scissors and I need a new sewing light. Just as well I know of somewhere that has great bargains for all we sewing Mums. If my story sounds familiar then click here for some new sewing supplies.

Happy stitching and I hope you get some new supplies for Mother's Day!

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