Thursday, April 5, 2007

What is an embroidery box separater?

If your passion is hand embroidery then you will need a good system for storing your embroidery threads or floss. Setting this up from the start can save you a lot of time later on.

I remember teaching an embroidery class one day and having one of the ladies in the class share her embroidery stash with us. She rumaged around under the table in her sewing basket and then presented her threads with a giggle. As soon as the class sighted her pile the room errupted in laughs as well. The mass of threads reminded me of a large matted football. (If this sounds familiar then keep reading)

What she was in need of was an embroidery or floss box. These can be found in all good craft shops and are quite inexpensive. These plastic boxes are designed so that your embroidery threads can be separated into colour ways eg. blues, greens,browns ect. They come with plastic or cardboard bobbins that are designed to wind your hanks of thread onto. It is also advisable to record on the bobbin the brand of thread eg DMC and the number of the thread colour. This is a must. More than once I have been caught half way through a project and run out of thread. This can be a disaster and easily avoided if you have the colour number to refer to. Believe me it can be very difficult to match a colour with a 5cm off cut of embroidery thread.

Embroidery thread boxes are a good investment. Not only do they keep your embroidery threads organized in a neat and tidy fashion, they also protect your threads from dust and light.

So if you have a matted pile of threads in your sewing basket, make the decision today to give them a proper home.

Click on the link for some storage ideas or to purchase your own embroidery thread box, you'll be glad that you did. Here's the link
PS to save time go to the embroidery section and type into the search box "floss storage box" then "plastic storage organizers"

Happy stitching

Warmly Lenna

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