Monday, September 10, 2007

School Fetes - Easy Crafts For Kids

Why is it so hard to think of some easy crafts for kids?

For the past few weeks I've been extra busy making craft things with school children for their upcoming fete. Each Thursday afternoon a friend and I visit one of our kid's classes and make wonderful things with them.
It all started in a weak moment when I volunteered to co ordinate this year's craft stall. I used to co ordinate the craft stall each year at my children's old school. For the first few years it was heaps of fun. However as each fair rolled around my enthusiasm would start to waiver as I struggled to come up with some new quick and easy craft ideas. Eventually I was all "crafted out" and eagerly handed the reins over to a friend of mine who I convinced was made for the job.
I then took on the organization of the haunted house which was even more fun. The best thing about this was that most of the work was needed the day before the event. And after the first year we simply re used the same props. No more slaving over a sewing machine for hours and hours. Finally I had my dream role and I was happy about it...until we moved interstate.
Which takes me to my current dilemma as I once again find myself co ordinating the craft stall and racking my brain for easy craft ideas for kids. So just in case you find yourself in the same situation, here are a few pictures of the things we have made so far. You might get some

These are pet rocks I made using two decorative glass beads (the kind that you place in vases to look special). I simply stuck them together with gem stone glue and attached two eyes

These cute little dollies are made from 2 pieces of cardboard covered with fabric. Add some jute string for legs and beads for shoes. Curly wool or matted threads can be used for hair. I also stuck a magnetic strip on the back so they can decorate a fridge.Thanks to Sharon for including this idea on her website. The pattern shape can be found here
Although I have been informed the original idea came from Wendy Hill. So thanks also to Wendy.

Here we have a few heart shaped things for the girls.

Some novel decorated pencils

And some fluffy creatures.

I hope these easy crafts for kids give you some ideas as well. Click here for some more sewing craft ideas for kids.The kids will never be bored again!

Warmly Lenna


nicci said...

thanks for the pet rock idea, they are so cool, my kids will love them

ricky said...
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