Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You Know You're a Stitcher When...

One of the great things about having an online business is that fellow sewers from all round the world write to me when they have something special to share. Today was no exception.
I just received this from a fellow stitcher and thought I would share it with you.
Are you a true stitcher? Take a few minutes to read this and see if any of these characteristics describe you.

You Know You're a Stitcher When...

...you see a number on a street sign, in a shop window, in the hymnal, etc. and you immediately think of a floss color.
...and you know exactly what that color is!
...and your friend knows exactly what you mean, too.
...you have the full set of DMC floss.
...you refer to colors by their DMC numbers.
...you take skeins of floss to the paint store to match colors. Worse: You don't need the skeins; you remember the color exactly.
...your family knows to check their clothes for floss snippets before leaving the house.
...your family knows not to walk barefoot around your stitching nest.
...your family knows not to bother you when you're counting.
...the pet knows it won't get any attention once you pick up your needle.
...you look at the clock and see it's 6 PM, and what you planned for dinner is still in the freezer.
...your family eats carry-in more than once a week.
...you have more projects planned than you could stitch in ten lifetimes.
...you cruise through your local shop when you don't need a thing "just in case."
...your family knows that when you've gone "out to play," you've gone to your local shop or to a friend's house to stitch.
...your stash is huge, but you add to it anyway.
...your stash is hidden beneath your bed and distributed to several closets so your family won't know how large it truly is.
...when you're on vacation or away from home on business, one of the first things you do is check the local phone book for the locations of the needlework shops.
...you'd rather have a gift certificate to your favorite shop for your anniversary than a piece of jewelry.
...you have a pair of scissors just for clipping metallic threads.
...you hide all your sewing scissors from the family.
...dustballs begin to reproduce because you give them no attention because you'd rather be stitching.
...you know what Orvus is and you don't have a horse.
...you have some Orvus and you don't have a horse.
...you haunt sporting goods departments for tackle boxes and other nifty containers to store your floss, metallics, etc.
...refusing to go someplace on vacation until you KNOW where the shops are and have extracted promises of a visit to each.
......when your football team team is playing a super-important game and you pass up a chance to see it in HDTD, on a huge screen and socialize with other graduates so you can stay home by yourself and watch it on your tiny non-HDTV so you can stitch!
...there isn't a needlework magazine you haven't read.
...and you subscribe to most of them.
...your briefcase has a lunchtime project in it and your car glove compartment has an emergency project in it.
...you buy database software so you can catalogue all your charts and magazines.
...you haven't started this yet because you're too busy stitching.
...and adding to your stash.
...you buy charting software so you can chart your own designs.
...you've been known to stay up 'way past your bedtime just to do "one more stitch."
...you've introduced someone else to your stitching addiction.

Hope you enjoyed this.

Warmly Lenna


Sherri said...

Thanks for sharing...I'm definitely a stitcher!

Dawn said...

What a funny post. I can so relate!

Unknown said...

Leanne, I've really enjoyed visting your blog. I love to embroider! My Grandma taught me at the age of 9...something I'll never forget.
I need some help please. Do you know where I find good simple instruction how to show a child how to do a running stitch or outline stitch? I'm helping my daughter with a school project.
Searched on the internet but can't seem to find what I need.
I would be so very greatful for any help you can give me.. Thanks so much! Hope I'm not being to much of a pain....
~Mary~ IsabellasCloset

Lenna Green of Stitching Cow said...

Hi Isabella,
Thanks for writing to me and commenting on my blog.
I'm glad to hear that we have some budding new sewers emerging.
I have a free tutorial that covers the basics to hand embroidery
and demonstrates Back stitch which is an easy outline stitch.
It can be found on the Stitching Cow website under Tutorials

I have also written a post about teaching children to sew which can be found here on this blog. Look down the right hand side and select the article that says "teaching kids to sew"

Hope you find this information useful.
Warmly Lenna

Anonymous said...

oh I do love this I can relate to it and I have only just started stitching, but it is the same wit fabric!! I have just found your blog and love it I should of found it sooner as I am in Tassie too! love it

Anonymous said...

ps Thank you for sharing your free patterns, that's so nice!!!

Unknown said...

Was that written about me ? LOL
Thanks for sharing , Clare's Craftroom

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
SewAmy said...

lol, very cute.



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