Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Craft Idea

For a week now the kids have been chanting the count day to the last day of school which means that the pressure was on to come up with a lovely Christmas Craft idea to give to their teachers. Thankfully I had only two to make this year because my teenagers are past the whole teacher gift giving thing.

Despite the constant ringing in my ears of the daily countdown I still found myself trying to create miracles the night before.
This year I opted for some cute little angels that were very quick and easy to make. The morning after I was met with a big warm hug and a little burst of excitement from Miss Nine as she jingled the little brass bells. Then for the final touch I had Miss Nine sign the back of the Angel and include the date so that her gift would be remembered for years to come.

As she wrapped her precious Angel I was reminded of how simple a gift could bring such delight. Surely this is the essence of Christmas. I hope you are enjoying creating your own Christmas crafts for others to enjoy.


julia said...

Her teacher will love it, especially since you put her name and the date on it. I know because I taught for 33 years and each year when I get out my decorations I think about those kids with fondness!.

Mom/ME said...

I love this sweet angel. I would have loved getting this as a gift while I was working as a teacher and school counselor. I still have the little painted bear a student gave me in 1984. Thank heavens Jim's mother dated it! Is there any chance you will share the directions for Miss Nine's angel? Happy New Year.
Mary Ellen



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