Monday, February 8, 2010

Kids Quilts - a heartfelt story

Recently I came across this snippet about kids quilts, and Fiona (the author) agreed that I could share it with you.

"My Great Grandmother, whom I called Nan Sax, made each of her 31 great grandchildren their own kids quilt.

Nan Sax has been gone for over twenty years now, but the quilt she made for me is my treasured childhood possession, it is something tangible, that reminds me of the time I spent with her and it symbolises the love she showed, not only to me but to all of her family.

Growing up, Nan Sax was a perpetual traveller, she spent her time visiting relatives and I always looked forward to her visits.  Sometimes she would stay for a week, other times a month.  Her way of helping our mother was to peel the vegies every night for dinner, make pumpkin scones for afternoon tea and to have her latest kids quilt project out on the kitchen table ensuring none of her posterity missed out.

Dinner time would be spent with meals on laps in front of Television while Nan Sax cut, stitched or pieced together her prize.

Looking at my quilt now, I feel that I can see her personality in it, the colour choice, the block style, the way she stitched the binding.  All these things characterize my Great Grandmother, her individual worth I feel is now preserved, ready to share with my family.

My children, never had the opportunity to meet Nan Sax but I hope they see her personality and feel her love in the kids quilt that she made for me."

Reading this makes me realize how valuable quilt making is. As I see my own kids snuggle up under their quilts of an evening I am glad that I found the time to make them each a quilt. I know they will always have fond memories of it as part of their childhood.

It is my hope that there are many more "Grandmother Sax's" spreading their quilting love to others, because I know their efforts will be long remembered and treasured for years to come.

Click here for a peek at a special kids quilt to make.

Warmly Lenna


Jan Hatchett said...

Yep. Love is what quilting is all about. Some of my fondest memories were of cuddling under a heavy quilt that my Granny made. They were made of horrible polyester double knit that was scratchy and heavy. But, the backs were thick, nice flannel that felt like heaven. I used to roll down the top so the flannel was up under my chin. It was like getting a hug all night long.

Sigh. I sure hope my kids and grandkids have happy memories like those!

You never really know who you will touch with a quilt.

Jutta...stoffundnadel... said...

Hi Lenna,
thank you so much for this nice posting,
hugs from Germany, Jutta

Petra said...

Hi Lenna,
What a beautiful story, Thank you for sharing it with us all.
I have my mother's very large crochet blanket over my lounge chair and every time I come into this room I remember her. She made this blanket from 6 inch squares out of the scraps of wool left over from her many projects over the years.

Mary said...

I really enjoyed this blog. You are absolutely right. How inspiring. Thanks!

Linda said...

Hi Lenna,
Loved your story, and I sleep every night with one of my grandmothers quilt's. She lived to be 94 and now at my age of 61 I have so many wonderful memories of her and even so much more when I pull her quilt over me every night.

Warm wishes from ILL.

poor said...

I am thrilled to hear the story of Nan Sax...a memory that will live with you through the generations due to the quilt.Thanks for sharing.

Dee said...

I have tears in my eyes reading this post as I hope when I become a grandmother I can be like that too. I also see the joy my little ones get out of the quilts I have made them and also the thrill my six year old son is getting from making his first quilt for me. It is such a warming (pardon the pun) and wonderful feeling that this particular craft endeavours to share on so many different levels globally. I am still blown away by it all. D. :=)



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