Sunday, February 21, 2010

Why is Quilting and Patchwork so Popular?

Why is Quilting and Patchwork so popular?

In today's fast paced society it seems that more and more woman are turning towards quilting and patchwork as their hobby of preference. You have only to visit your local newsagents to realize this current trends The shelves are over flowing with magazines showcasing lovely quilting and patchwork projects to tempt us. So what is it about this hobby that has stood the test of time. Why are we gaining so much pleasure form cutting up bits of fabric and then sewing them back together again?

I think the reasons are many.

For some quilting and patchwork is an escape form the hussle and bussle of everyday life. A chance to do something enjoyable that is both relaxing and rewarding.

For others quilting and patchwork satisfies a create urge. A means to get the creative juices flowing. An opportunity to play with amazing colors, textures and patterns to make wonderful things.

Perhaps for many quilting and patchwork fill in the hours and provide woman with a common bond, an excuse to gather with others. To chat and to share ideas, projects and a little bit about their lives.

Whatever the reason quilting and patchwork will always remain an important part of my life. My home will always be filled with bundles of fabrics, half finished projects, inspirational quilting and patchwork books, and family members snuggling under their quilts.
And that's just the way I like it!

Until next time happy quilting and patchworking
Warmly Lenna


By Hoki Quilts said...

You know, you are so right. However I need to as sanity saver. As the saying says "when life gives you scraps, make quilts'. My patchwork I can rely on, it's ordered and calm with limited rules, it lets me be me and escape for as long as I like.
hugs - Miche'le

Nicolle said...

Last week, I attended a presentation by a senior majored in photography at Penn State. His presentation was about the old process tin type, sliver plate, and mirror photography from years ago. This type of photography, which can take six hours at a minimum is seeing a resurgence among young photographers. When asked why he liked the old, long, and highly involved process, he said it was because when you spend so much time on something you are 100 times more emotionally involved and completion brings great satisfaction.

That's why quilting and patchwork are so popular. It's the same reason knitting, crochet, tatting, and bobbin lace are making a resurgence. In an instantaneous world, it brings us great joy to sit back and doing something nice and slow. :)

Queen Beverly said...

Hi. I just found your site and will definitely be back!

I quilt to make that connection to our past ... our heritage. I have a quilt that my grandmother made for my father from his baby clothes. (I have plans to make one for my son). My husband saved a quilt that belonged to his late sister. I also quilt to send love to others. I blogged about it here:

Billie said...

I am loving your blog! I haven't made a quilt since Jr. High Home Ec class, but would love to start one up again!



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