Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Homemade Christmas Decorations

Christmas is such a wonderful time and this year I am far more organized than usual. What a pleasant surprise.

Truth is I made these homemade Christmas decorations months ago. They appeared in the popular Christmas in July special of Homespun Magazine.

I had heaps of fun making up these wool felt characters. There are six in total, each with their own embellishments which combine hand embroidery and small seed beads.These homemade Christmas decorations would make an ideal weekend project. Hang them from the Christmas tree or around your home.
 They will add a smile to all those who see them.

Homemade Christmas decorations always add a special something to any home. And these decorations are so simple to make that even the kids could get involved and share in some of the fun.

Click the link here for more information about these and other original homemade Christmas decorations.

Happy Christmas sewing!
Warmly Lenna


Anonymous said...

Lenna, those are adorable!

Wendy said...

These are wonderful, I love them! I wish they'd sell Homespun in the uK!

Denise said...

so cute!

Carrie P. said...

I was able to get hold of that magazine here in the states. I thought those ornaments were so cute and did not realize they were your designs.

Julia said...

soooo pretty!

Laura said...

I've just purchased my e-patterns and I cannot wait to make these gorgeous little ornaments!
Thank you for sharing your amazing talent.

Becky said...

I really like the snowman and the reindeer, they're so cute. :)

Are they particularly fiddly? I'm pretty good at blanket stitch but I can't say that I have much experience with other techniques.

kay kemp said...

These are absolutely beautiful. love them

Cuttysark said...

Cute homemade Christmas Decorations .

Thanks for sharing!





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