Sunday, January 15, 2012

Some tips for organizing your quilting area

One of my goals for 2012 is to get more organized. I am fed up with wasting my time trying to find a pattern, a book, a piece of fabric or a pair of scissors that I know I have somewhere.

Just last week I almost became frantic when I misplaced some important templates for one of my designs. I tore the house up looking for these patterns only to find them underneath a pile of other stuff on my work desk. By the time I found them I was in quite a state, almost convinced that they had been accidentally throw out with all the excitement over Christmas. The stress I felt was only relieved when I finally discovered them, so I vowed then and there that things had to change.

I am pleased to report I have started by doing some research to find some suitable solutions. The except below is just the start, which I have included here in the hope that it can also help some other disorganized sewing soul such as myself.

Vintage and contemporary fabric storage:
  • Stacked on shelves by color or randomly
  • Folded and stacked in wire rolling bins
  • Scraps mixed in open bins like laundry baskets
  • Folded and piled in enamel or ceramic vintage bowls and basins
  • Rolled and put into cubbies
quilting supply storage
Mary Hettsmanberger uses shelves and cubbies
to house her jewelry and quilting supplies.
From Inside the Creative Studio.

Quilting thread storage:
  • Hung on wall pegs
  • Contained in glass jars
  • Held in printer or cutlery trays
  • Stacked on spice racks
  • Sorted in see-through bins or specially made drawers
Quilting tools storage:
  • Scissors laid in segmented drawers, stored in vintage flower pots, and hung on pegboards
  • Paintbrushes stashed in recycled cans, vintage pails, and flower frogs
  • Stamps and stencils laid in flat baskets and blueprint drawers
  • Dyes and paints held in colorful dishpans, plastic cutlery totes, and on shallow picture shelves

I have also enjoyed finding the most amazing studios on Pinterest. You can check out my finds by clicking the link here:
Here's hoping that all this inspiration rubs off on me.


Anna@MyDesignEthos said...

This is some great inspiration. Although I'm not a quilter I have a huge mass of home decor fabrics that are currently thrown in boxes in the storeroom. Once I have my office finished I'll be looking for creative solutions for fabric storage so let me know if you have any more tips! :)

Jo in TAS said...

I'm just starting to design my new craft space and need some fresh ideas, lots to see here!

hafza said...

If you are looking for more tips... Chrissy at Sew Lux Fabric currently is having Get Organised Series at her blog with some guest bloggers. You may visit her at -

Thanks for sharing...I love it:}

Karen said...

In the beginning I chose to wing it. That went bad quickly.
Now I separate by project. When I start a project I assign it a tub (bigger than a shoe box) and label it. When I have to set the current project aside (a regular occurrence) it all fits into this tub and the lid goes on. Then it goes on to the adjustable rack.
Then I start another project and label another tub.
So far I only misplaced one pattern. And I recall I pulled it out of the tub when I was going to the quilt shop for the missing fabric I needed to get.
Once you are organized you will feel a sence of calm. Good luck...Karencg

Anonymous said...

Needleworkers disorganized?? When? Where? How? Who? No! Never! It's not like we'd rather be stitching than organizing or anything. Haha

Susan said...

Thanks! Some good thoughts on there, and I'm going to be scouring the antique stores for some sewing or cheese drawers for all those scissors and rotary cutters I have.

Karen Werner said...

Lenna, as always I enjoy your information so much. We recently moved to a new home and I have a sewing & craft room. Your ideas were very helpful



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