Sunday, February 5, 2012

Three Little Embroidered Cottages

If you are passionate about hand embroidery, then you will love these three little cottages just released on the Stitching Cow website.

It is no secret that I love little cottages, especially those that have a sprawling flower garden around them. I am surrounded by cottages just like these three down here in Tasmania. So I did not have to look very far for inspiration. They each have a name:
Here is Hollyhock Cottage

Here is Foxglove Cottage

And here is Rose Cottage

Each cottage is made from fabric with appliqued windows and door, then weighted down before being filled with fibre fill. They are only about 4" in height. This makes them ideal to use for pin cushions, or sit them on a favourite window sill just to admire. The garden extends onto each side panel with a suggestion on the back as well.
Yes I did get a little carried away!

Pattern includes all three cottages and can be purchased as an e-pattern and downloaded to your computer today, or sent in the post as a paper pattern.

Click here for more information.

They are heaps of fun to make. Hope you like them.


MCKINLEY said...

Realmente són muy originales. El aplique con costura siempre se me ha resistido un poco pero creo que me animaré ha hacer una "casita" y así practicar. Seguramente empezaré con un alfiletero :-))

Cristina said...

They are so sweet! Nice idea! :-)



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