Sunday, May 27, 2012

Health Benefits of Hand Embroidery

Came across an article in the newspaper recently reinforcing something we sewing girls have known for some time, that hand embroidery has some health benefits.

 According to the article from the Sunday Tasmania...

The article went on to explain that " young  stressed professionals are now taking up needlepoint as a way to relax and enjoy the benefits of their labour, and medical experts are supportive of embroidery as an effective way to improve creativity and mindfulness"

Dr Marlies Alvvarenga, director of the Monash Clinical Psychology Centre at Monash University, says "embroidery is known as logic relaxation".

Further benefits of hand embroidery were:

*Training the brain to help with creativity and developing creative solutions
*Lowering of blood pressure
*Increasing confidence

Judy Newman supported this notion by saying  that in the past 10 years she has seen a growth in the numbers of young professionals taking up the pursuit. "It's as though young women are missing some of the things older women in their families used to do".

So it seems we can all continue to pick up that needle and thread more often knowing that hand embroidery is doing us all the world of good!


Jo in TAS said...

I read that article too, even mentioned to my GP how I stitch for relaxation, he rolled his eyes at me, he just didn't get it! I know the health benefits from our hobby, it's what keeps me sane!

Helen said...

thanks for sharing. Would like to link to your blog, so that others can read this too.

socialsue said...

I agree! I have had many bad days and when I am stitching, it takes away the stress and my mind off of troubling pains. I have enjoyed stitching since I started 10 years ago after retirement.


Susan said...

And any of us who stitch know the benefits of doing so!

Anne from WA said...

So very true. The rythmn of stitching is relaxing and seeing what you have completed is indeed confidence boosting.....stitching certainly has helped me with the stressors in life. Thank you for sharing :)

Bevy said...

What a neat article... and I can relate to this first hand.

There are many an evening after the little ones are sweetly sleeping in their beds that I go off to my sewing room to just put in a few stitches.

I think I sleep better if knowing a few more stiches are behind me... and the 'whatever' of the day is also washed away.

Raghu Pandey said...
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خياطة وتفصيل said...

thank you so much ;)

Alicia said...

Love that article. Can it be accessed on the internet?



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