Monday, September 24, 2012

Tips for Hand Quilting

I just had a lady email me wanting some advice on hand quilting. She was having some difficulty and hoped that I would be able to give her some tips and shed some light on how to hand quilt without breaking the needle.

She wrote " Just wondering if you could help me. I am hand quilting using Luixins small quilting needles but keep snapping them. Yesterday I snapped 4 in a matter of minutes. Any suggestions?"

Those of you who hand quilt will know that quilting needles are very short in length and are fine. When I first started hand quilting I used any old needle I had lying around, I was totally ignorant and as a result my hand quilting was very average, the stitches were on the large side and I could never get the stitching on the back to look any good. As time passed I was fortunate to attend a workshop that changed my hand quilting style forever. You can read about the hand quilting  technique I learned by clicking here

I came to understand that the needle used for hand quilting is important and that I fine needle is a must.

Which takes us back to the question at hand "How do I stop my quilting needle from breaking?"
Here are the hand quilting tips that I sent back to her:

 There are a few reasons why your needle would be breaking:
- your batting is too thick for hand quilting, a thin cotton or bamboo batting is recommended
- your backing is too thick, a light weight good quality 100% cotton fabric is recommended
- do not quilt through the seam, hand quilt 1/4" from the seam line or diagonally through blocks
- incorrect technique, not taking the needle up straight before punching through all layers,
before forming the stitch.

I hope that these hand quilting tips have also been helpful for you and that you can now tackle your next hand quilting project with confidence.
Warmly Lenna


Anonymous said...

The needle makes a world of difference!

Anonymous said...

Awesome tip!

deb-bee said...

Hi, I was also checking out different sites on how to hand quilt. There is a YouTube with Alex Anderson and the Thimblelady. Did you get your thimble from the Thimblelady??? or where? Debby from Wisc.



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