Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Quilting Rotary Cutter Tips for Success

Rotary cut quilting fabrics - graphic supplied by splityarn

Rotary cutters are probably the most dangerous part of quilting, so here are
a few tips to help with your rotary fabric cutting.

*Always cover the blade with the built-in cover when you set it down.
Get into the habit of doing this every time you use the rotary cutter.
An exposed blade can be very dangerous, and a nick in the blade can cause problems when cutting.

Quilting rotary cutter and ruler - graphic supplied by Laura Dahl
* When using your rotary cutter, always cut away from your body, not towards you.

* Use a quilt making ruler and quilting mat when cutting, don't be tempted to cut fabric
without these.Keep fingers well out of the way.It is best to position your hand flat over
the ruler and then apply download pressure as you cut through the fabric.

Warmly Lenna

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