Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Fun with needle felting

Recently I attended a craft fair and was intrigued as I watched a felt artist stab away at a bundle of wool. She was working on a doll in the shape of an old woman. The detail that she was able to achieve was incredible. I remember falling in love with a Santa that she had on display and vowed that I must give this needle felting thing a try. So as July approached I decided that this year's Christmas in July project should be my very own felted Santa. I purchased some wool and a felting needle and made a start one night amongst my sewing group friends. They laughed as they watched me. Teasing that I looked like I was practicing voodoo as I stabbed away at my Santa. But I persisted and within an hour my very own Santa emerged. I have included a photo of him for you.
The process is very simple although I did manage to stab myself quite regularly.
I have included some other photos of felted projects from flickr in the hope that I can inspire you to try this technique. There's everything from felted purse pictures to felted birds.
Here are two links that demonstrate the process involved:
I also came across some videos on youtube that show how the needle felting process. Just go to www.youtube .com and search for felting.
Until next time, happy felting!

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softearthart said...

Hi, from New Zealand, I love needle felting,I thought your Santa cool, cheers Marie



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