Monday, April 2, 2007

Quilt Book Possibilities

I adore well written informative and inspirational quilting books. Haveing a range of resource books at your fingertips is invaluable. Whether you need inspiration for a new project or you need to brush up on a quilting technique or embroidery stitch, your home library is there to help you. It's no wonder that I'm always on the look out to add to my collection.
Whilst looking for something new online at Amozon I came across a few books that could be of use to you as well. What's really great about Amazon is that they now give potential buyers access to testimonials that other like minded people have posted on their site. This saves heaps of time and helps minimize the purchase of a book that's not really suited to your needs.
Here's a sample of what I mean, here are some comments about a quilting book for beginners:

"I had always wanted to learn quilting but had never had a chance - no courses in my area, etc. Then I ordered this book and it did magic: it removed my fears and made me feel that, though quilting does involve work, that work can be pleasant and fun. "

"Search no more! I am in the process of taking a quilting class and this is the required reading. I could actually learn to quilt straight from the book, no instructor necessary"

Click on the link for more information and to read other testimonials about this quilting book

Happy stitching Lenna

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