Thursday, May 24, 2007

Japanese Fabrics

Isn't it wonderful spending time with like minded people who share the same passion as yourself?

Yesterday morning I spent time with some friends of mine who are passionate about all things to do with fabric, threads, buttons, and beads. We visited some shops in our area that were new to me and I was very eager to discover what they offered. One shop in particular was a surprise. From the outside it was not particularly inviting although some Japanese fabrics hanging in the windows suggested the theme of the shop. As we entered the little rooms of the shop we were met with baskets of fabrics, vintage sewing items, trinkets, decorative papers,wooden cotton reels, antique kettles and old kimonos. It was a visual feast. One of the friends I was with almost dived head first into the shelves laden with rolls and rolls of Japanese fabrics. I smiled as I watched the excitement on her face and was reassured that my passion for fabric is really quite normal after all.
I was more intrigued by the lengths of vintage fabric, some of which was very worn and had been patched and then decorated with hand sewn stitches. I couldn't help but pick up the fabric and wonder who had sewn those running stitches all those years ago. I wondered where the fabric had been and who had worn it as they went about their day to day lives.

It's very special to be able to share your passion with others who understand and enjoy the look and feel of fabric. There's something quite magical about it. I hope you too can find the time to discover some fascinating fabrics for your fabric stash.
Happy fabric hunting!
Warmly Lenna

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