Monday, June 4, 2007

Quilting Workshops

Quilting workshops or quilt retreats are the best fun!

Just recently I enjoyed tutoring with well known designers Leanne Beasley and Rosalie Quinlan from Melbourne, Australia. The workshop was held in a small rural township called Campania, just outside of Hobart in Tasmania.
The quilting workshop was hosted by Leonie and Deirdrie of
"The Quilted Crow".Their shop in Hobart is a quilter's paradise and is stocked with wonderful fabrics, patterns and kits.

It was a real treat to meet so many like minded ladies all eager for a day of sewing and to meet two kindred souls in Leanne and Rosalie. Two talented ladies with so much to give.

There is something very special about sharing skills and discussing your latest quilt or hand worked projects with total strangers. Within seconds you become friends and immediately that common thread joins you together.If you haven't been part of a quilting workshop before you simply must. Chances are that you will you be inspired by what you see and learn. But more importantly you will meet lots of kindred spirits which is always refreshing for the soul.

Pictured from left to right myself, Rosalie and Leanne

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