Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Patchwork woollen blanket

Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of working with a group of students from Lansdowne Crescent Primary School in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. We have been very busy knitting squares of all different colours and sizes. Our knitting sessions were once a week for an hour long period. Each week a group of students would sit amongst Mums and Grandmothers and learn the craft of knitting.For most of these children it was their first introduction to hand knitting.
Once we had enough squares we joined then all together using an overlocker (an easy way to join woollen squares of all different sizes!). We then backed the patchwork rug with flannelette and quilted lazy daisy flowers to secure the layers together.

This was a fabulous project to work on with the kids. Not only was it fun but it taught the children many new skills.

I was lucky enough to have the rug in my home for the past few weeks whilst the school was on holidays. It has become a favourite with my son Luke (pitured on the right showing off the rug) who has curled up underneath it on a few cold nights. He has proudly shown his sisters which squares we knitted. He was so reluctant to part with the rug that I have started to knit more squares for another patchwork rug. This time for our family to enjoy.

Well done classes 4/5 Pace and 4 Bradley from Lansdowne Crescent. You should all be very proud of your knitting and the wonderful patchwork woollen rug that you have created.

Lenna Green


Bron said...

What a gorgeous blanket!!! Congratulations Luke and classmates. I want one just like it. I really love the embroidered flowers - might have to steal that idea for the blanket I'm knitting!

throw said...

Nice job to bind the students together to a beautiful memory...looks great too.



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