Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cute Miss Buttons Dollies

Every now and again some wonderful sewing friends and I get together and have a sewing day. We normally meet once a fortnight but occasionally we call a special session. Sometimes this is because one of us gets the sewing bug and just needs some allies, other times it's because one of us has found a special pattern or idea to share. And every now and again we call a session because one of us needs some extra support. As was the case recently when 3 of our group sent their youngest children off to school. Whatever the reason our sewing days are always full of fun and we all enjoy them immensely.
During the holidays one of our extra sessions was planned to make up some Miss Buttons dollies. My eldest daughter of 15 was also invited to attend the sewing circle (a very special privilege) as were all our children so they could have a play. While the younger children entertained themselves we unpacked our baskets and soon the table was heaped with fabrics, trim and buttons. We all spent some time swooning over fabrics and some special old buttons before the sewing machines fired up and we were all off and running. Including my daughter who smiled at me as a magnificent blueberry tea cake was strategically placed on the table in front of us. I wish I had taken a picture of us all feasting on tea cake and sewing up our dollies but alas I forgot. I too was on a mission to have my Miss Buttons dolly finished.
I did however take some pics of our day's work.
Here they are.

The two shown above are the dolls my daughter and I made. Aren't they cute?
If you would like to sew a Miss Buttons Dolly yourself click here

There's also a section where you can upload your own Miss Buttons Dolly for everyone else to admire.

Happy stitching.
Until next time
Warmly Lenna


Angela said...

Oh, they all look so adorable together!!!

Leah said...

Very cute - I must sew one for me one day soon...

Stephanie Appleton said...

So cute! I love them

RecycleCindy said...

Your Miss Buttons dolls are so very cute. I bet the little girls who get them just fall in love with them.

Renee said...

May I know if miss button has hair showing at the back of its head? thanks for sharing ;)
Mag from Singapore

Anonymous said...

Hi Gee Gee,
Yes the felt hair covers the back as well



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