Saturday, February 9, 2008

SoftieToy Patterns at Bargain Prices

In an attempt to keep the kids busy during the school holidays I organised some softie toy making days. My eldest daughter had a friend staying and we decided to introduce her to the fun of making a sock monkey. My youngest daughter decided that she too needed a sock monkey for her room and we even convinced my 11 year old son that a sock monkey living in his room would look the part as well. Although I think he secretly agreed only because he imagined his sock monkey pinned to his magnetic dart board. Boys will be boys I guess.

They all ventured to the nearby shops and came back with a variety of socks. My eldest daughter's friend was a little bemused by this stage. She had never seen a sock monkey before and had no idea what she was making. Before long we were all cutting into our socks and sewing them up on the sewing machine.

I was also getting in on the act. It was an opportunity to finish an elephant I had started and not finished (the story of my life) a few weeks ago.
Here's a photo of him.

As our softies started to take shape the delight in the kids comments and on their faces was obvious. My eldest daughter's friend was so amazed at her new found creation and friend that she immediately Christened him Harry and started taking photos of him on her mobile phone for her mother back home.

Here is Harry (the one with the spots) and my eldest daughter's monkey as well.
Aren't they so cute?!

Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of my youngest daughter's sock monkey but rest assured that he has found a home on her bed. My sons' creation is still a work in progress and I am confident he will be loved as well. Although I fear his life in my son's room may be a bit more interesting and eventful!

If you would like to get in on the fun of creating your very own softies then you'll be glad to know that I have tracked down some bargains for you. I have just come across my favourite softie book on sale "Sock and Glove". There are two others that may also inspire you as well so I have included all three here for you to take a look at. Click each image to discover savings up to 37% off the retail prices.

Sock and Glove: Creating Charming Softy Friends from Cast-Off Socks and Gloves Softies: Simple Instructions for 25 Plush Pals with Pattern(s) Softies Kit: Instructions and Tools for Creating 15 Plush Pals

Hope you and the kids enjoy them.

Our softie sewing day has inspired me to design some softie toy patterns for the Stitching Cow website.
You can check out some more kids sewing pattern ideas by clicking here. Hope to have some new designs ready for you soon. Watch out for them.

Until next time.
Happy Stitching!
Warmly Lenna


Bron said...

Love the elephant - just gorgeous and congratulations to the two girls for their effort.

Libby said...

Such a fun idea! I think an elephant needs a home at my place!!



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