Thursday, March 13, 2008

Three Little Bunnies

Easter is just around the corner and I find myself surrounded by little bunnies. In fact my home has been invaded.

It all started when I met a new friend who shared with me her love for bunnies. Upon visiting her lovely home her fondness for these little creatures was apparent. I admired her collection which took pride of pace on her mantel. They were all different shapes and sizes and each of them brought a smile to my face.

When this same friend generously gave me some fabric for a gift, I knew straight away what I should do with it. I started making little bunnies.
(By the way she also has a fabulous blog site that could save you heaps of time and money).
Click here if you would like a peek.

Here is the first one I made for my "bunny loving" friend.

Then they started to multiply and jump across my window sill!
One turned into three.

That same week I came across some more beautiful fabrics that I just had to had.

Here are the fabrics I came across, aren't they gorgeous?

I also came across some lovely old buttons when rummaging in an antique shop recently.
They are a rich, aged cream colour and are very thick, just perfect for bunnies.

And so with beautiful fabrics and buttons at my fingertips more bunnies started to emerge
Here they are in my sewing basket, all huddled together, multiplying like only bunnies can!.

Here they are on the run across my mantel, all intact with arms and legs.

I hope that they will be well behaved to decorate the table at Easter. It's my turn for the family get together this year and I thought the little bunnies might look cute in the middle of the table surrounded by chocolate Easter eggs.

They would also make a wonderful Easter gift.

If you would like some of these bunnies to visit your house click here for information about the pattern.

But be warned you won't be able to stop at just one. Bunnies will be bunnies. Before you know it your window sills, mantels and table tops will be covered with bunnies.

Happy Easter and Happy Stitching!

Warmly Lenna


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