Monday, April 7, 2008

A Touch of Inspiration from Little Green Cottage

Every now and again I stumble across something that just makes me go wow!
In fact it has been happening a lot lately.

Just last weekend I attended an art exhibition with my family. The theme of the exhibition was portraits and as we examined each work in detail we all went "wow these are amazing!"

It also happened when we went for a family hike in the Tasmania wilderness a few weeks ago. There were gasps of "wow" all round as we marveled at the rugged coastline and wildlife we discovered on our journey.

And then there was the amazing fig tree and garden we came across while visiting a National Trust property on Sunday. As I peered up into the huge mass of twisted branches and fruit I found myself saying "wow!".

These "wow experiences" all stir something within me and contribute to my sense of being inspired. Inspiration lies everywhere and the more I look at my natural environment and discover the creative pursuits of other talented people around me, the more creative I feel.

This is good news because it has me thinking about some new embroidery patterns and designs. My sketch book has come out and I find myself sketching and planning some new projects. I hope to share them with you soon.

In keeping with this line of thought I have put together something special for you that I know you are going to enjoy. I hope that it will inspire you to pick up a needle and thread and enjoy creating yourself.
Just click on the play button, it may take a few moments to load but it will be worth the short wait.

Click to play Most Popular Patterns
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Make a scrapbook - it's easy!

All these patterns from Little Green Cottage and more can be found on the Stitching Cow website.
Click here for the link

I hope you too find some inspiration, happy stitching!
Warmly Lenna


Sarah in Houston said...

I love the smile box. What a fun way to look at your patterns.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lenna,
The Smile Box is a delighful way to showcase your designs - so inspirational. Can't wait for pics of you new block of the month!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lenna,

Your smile box is just gorgeous, made me smile and want to start stitching. That is a wonderful way to show your patterns. I am very impressed and will pass on to all my stitching friends

Bron said...

Hi Len,
Thanks for sharing the smilebox and lovely to read of a few 'wow' moments you and the kids are sharing.

alda said...

you have so many lovely designs, but I didn't found them in Germany, unfortunately!



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