Monday, February 23, 2009

Softies Book

I've been inspired by more softies!

Last Friday night the phone rang. It was one of my lovely craft friends. "I'll be at your place at 9.30am in the morning" she beamed. "We're heading down to the markets...want to come?"

It took me a second to reply "Absolutely!"

Every now and again we all get together for a little "girlie morning outing". This meeting of kindred spirits usually involved visiting all our favourite shops, indulging in hot brewed coffee and sweet delights and exploring the markets. Our jaunts always inspire me and I knew that this one would be no different.
One of our fist port of calls was a lovely book shop. And it was there that I hunted out the latest Softie book. Aptly entitled "More Softies" we all "gooed and gahed" as I flicked through the pages. It is a wonderful collection of Softies sure to delight all avid sewers.

One of my favourites is this cute little puppy. I just have to make him up so that he can live in out home, I know the kids will love him dearly.

And while I'm at it I think I will have to make this little Sausage dog to keep him company.

My eldest daughter of 15yrs created this little fellow just before Christmas, he featured at the end of my Christmas video message last year. He was the one dancing across the screen at the bottom!

Her textile teacher had discovered the new softies book and brought it in to share with everyone in the class.

He made an ideal Christmas project for my daughter and was very easy to sew. She was thrilled with him, as was I when he was plucked from the school bag.

And these little owls are also on my to do list. I would love three of them sitting on my timber window sill. Gosh I need a serious sewing day!

We are so lucky to enjoy the work of such talented designers.

I should also mention that the book includes the blog addresses for the creators of these friendly creatures. An added bonus.

I can highly recommend this new Softies book . I know you'll be as inspired as I am.
Click here of you would like to grab a copy for yourself.
And it's even on sale at the moment, how lucky are you.

Hope you have fun making softies as well!
Until next time.
Warmly Lenna


Catherine said...

Gorgeous Softies!! Love the Wise old Owls too!! Cathy

Anonymous said...

Those are wonderful!!!

Just A Gal...

Amanda said...

Hmmm sooooo very tempted to buy that softies book now.

Sonnja said...

What lovely book!
Kind regards,

Beertje Zonn

Judith Tetley said...

Oh they are lovely Lenna...there is nothing more enjoyable to a designer than to relax and make up another designer's patterns...enjoy yourself!
Kind Regards

Kate said...

Those owls are on my list too - my girls love them!



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