Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Creative Journal Cover

creative journal cover
An exciting new creative journal cover pattern has arrived at Stitching Cow.

Designed by Little Green Cottage, this journal cover is heaps of fun to make.

If you missed getting this pattern in the November issue of Australian Country Threads Magazine, don't worry. It's here now for you to enjoy.

The wonderful things about this fabric journal cover is that it is very inexpensive to make.

The idea for this project came from my artistic daughter who is often found sketching on small pieces of paper.
Read about the movie inspiration that gave both of us the idea for this pattern posted on my Little Green Cottage blog

Looking at this project currently on my desk it is wonderful to see it bulging with all manner of things. Let me open it up....

Gosh it has sketches of flowers done in black ink (these are very good), some amazing Japanese paper, some stamped images, scraps of cardboard, some yummy sheets of paper from Frankie magazine, some gold paper taken from a Ferraro Roche...(HUMMM wonder where she got that from) and some painted pictures, I could go on an on. Honestly I have only just scraped the surface!

The main thing is that this fabric covered journal is getting lots of use.
Here are some more graphics for you.
This shows the embellishment of the inside front pocket.

creative journal cover

creative journal cover

If you would like the pattern to start designing your very own creative journal cover then head on over to Stitching Cow.

Chat again soon.
Warmly Lenna

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