Monday, March 16, 2009

Easter Craft Ideas

Easter craft ideas have just been added to the Stitching Cow website.

As the weather begins to cool in Tasmania I'm reminded that Easter is just around the corner. Of course it may have something to do with the fact that Easter eggs are appearing in the grocery isles and the corner shop has started to stock hot cross buns. All the signs tell me that its time to start thinking about some
Easter craft ideas for the kids and myself to make.
I have visitors coming this year and it's always lovely to have the home decorated with some handmade Easter crafts. Last year I made a collection of little bunny sewing patterns
These were heaps of fun to make and the kids enjoyed stuffing them as well. I imagine they are eager to come out of the cupboard for Easter again this year.
But you know what they say about bunnies, they tend to multiply very quickly. And with bunnies on my mind, within a few days another three bunny sewing patterns emerged. The first of these are now up on the stitching cow website, waiting for you to enjoy them.
I've designed a brown bunny sewing pattern who would make the ideal companion for a special little person. He is currently sitting here on my desk keeping me company. Dressed in a vest and scarf he is warm and cosey and would make an ideal Easter gift.
Miss Daisy Bunny as seen in Homespun magazine is also now available to enjoy. Dressed in her Sunday best with matching bloomers and handbag she will delight all those who see her. This special bunny sewing pattern gave me an opportunity to visit my Great Aunty's lace box. It is a treasure that I inherited a few years ago and it gives me much pleasure to sort through it from time to time. Within its contents I found the perfect lace for Miss Daisy's collar and bloomer trim. I think Aunty Lillian would be pleased to know that her lace lives on and is being used.
The exciting thing is that I have more
Easter craft ideas to share with you soon.
Chat then.
Warmly Lenna

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