Monday, June 22, 2009

Discover Beetle Bots a Felt Craft Project

A cute little felt craft project is only minutes away.

While walking through the garden my daughter made a discovery...

It started with some little voices, although the language was unknown.

Then as she approached further there was a scurry and a rustle of leaves.

But she caught a glimpse of something truly wonderful.

It was a trio of Beetle Bots

They proved to be very friendly Beetle folk and agreed to come inside to have their pictures taken.

felt project

They all had different expressions.

And they were each dressed in their own unique clothing as if they were going to a party in the garden.

felt project

Then they scurried outside and disappeared amongst the flowers where I expect they are more at home.

If you would like to create your very own trio of Beetle Bots then click here to find out more about this very cute felt craft project.

Until next time happy crafting!
Warmly Lenna

PS For more felt craft projects visit


julietk said...

Very cute :-)

Amanda said...

Oh they are adorably cute!

Bettina said...

Very cute Lenna!

johnwright said...

Nice post..!



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