Sunday, July 5, 2009

Patchwork Books

Need some new patchwork books for inspiration?

Last birthday I was lucky to receive a Moda jelly roll as a gift. You can imagine my excitement. I adored the range, the colours were beautiful and for a while I just sat it on my craft cupboard and admired it.

Just in case you think I am referring to a cake I have included a picture of a fabric jelly roll for you here, not the roll in question, but a lovely Moda jelly roll all the same.

Then one day my Miss 8 decided to have a closer look and pulled out one of the fabrics. I couldn't be annoyed with her, I had been tempted myself to inspect the fabric designs closer.

For those of you familiar with jelly rolls you will know that there is no way this can be fixed. My only solution is to find a quilt project that is worthy of my roll. And so the quest begins!

Thankfully my search has uncovered some fabulous patchwork books, which happen to be on sale at the moment. Yippeee!
I though I would share them with you. A sewing girl can never have too many beautiful books at her fingertips, especially when there is a sale on. I'm sure you understand how it is.

Here are some of my finds. Click on the graphic for more information about each book.

patchwork books

patchwork books

And I also found these two patchwork books which caught my eye.
patchwork books

patchwork books

Now my only problem is that I have one jelly roll and about 5 quilts that I want to make. Guess I will just have to buy more fabric!
Hope you find these patchwork books of interest too.
Happy patchworking!
Warmly Lenna


Sue W ♥ said...

I just happen to have that fantastic book 'Jelly Roll Quilts' by Pam & Nicky Lintott and have been looking everywhere for their other one so thankyou, I am off to order it now. I Have completed 2 quilts from this book and am currently 2/3's through the 3rd with a 4th picked out already, so I DO need her other book.
I have also heard that there is a
3rd book coming out soon...can't wait

Fee said...

I know exactly what you are talking about with jelly roll's. I broke open my favourite "Sorbet" Jelly Roll just yesterday for a quilt for my daughter. The only consolation is that i will get to keep looking at the beautiful fabrics once it is a quilt onher bed. Looking forward to seeing what you create.

Carrie P. said...

Have fun using all your jelly rolls.

Nancy said...

Oh I have both of those jelly roll books...... just bought the second one. The problem is figuring out which quilt to make.


Rebecca P said...

I just love jelly rolls & layer cakes, funny thing, I just bought those two jelly roll books. They are great, can't wait to make some of the quilts in the book.



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