Monday, January 18, 2010

Stitching Cow and Quilting Gallery

The New Year is always a time of change and the beginning of exciting new ventures, and 2010 has been no exception with a new partnership between Stitching Cow and Quilting Gallery.

If you are a quilt makers or would like to be, you may already be familiar with Michele and her wonderful work at Quilting Gallery. Michele's site is a treasure trove of quilting related information, and she manages to have heaps of fun along the way. With swaps, tutorials, free patterns, guest bloggers, competitions and helpful articles, there's always something happening at Quilting Gallery and now I have joined the team as an expert columnist.

Each week I will be writing about a quilt making or quilting tip and I also plan to provide some helpful advice on hand embroidery and applique techniques.

To kick things off this week Michele and I have opened up the column and invited everyone to submit a question that they would like answered, so if you have something that you need help with, or perhaps have a technique that you would like to know more about, jump over to Quilting Gallery and leave  a question for me. I'd love to hear from you.
Here's the link for you:

Warmly Lenna

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Miss Nancy said...

Good work, Lenna!!! I look forward to seeing more of you on Quilting Gallery. I will look for the Sew It All publication.

Have a great day.



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